'Of Land & Sea' is a manifestation of Chloe Nicole Gomez and her love of nature goes without question. It is her passion and calling to always be listening for the subtle messages of the plants and animals. While sharing her gained knowledge and creations with fellow human family. 
With her partner and animals companions, days are well spent caring for their small beautifully sustainable mini-farmstead(Solar Systems Farmacy in Austin, Tx). Permaculture earth works, solar power, rain water catchment and lots of Love fuels their land.

Sources(authors & people) of inspiration:
Jay Bartlett                  Judika Illes

David Wilcock             Ron Teegarden

Doreen Virtue              Jim Pathfinder Ewing

Dr. William Morris     Clare G. Harvey

Masaru Emoto            Dr. Jennifer Daniels

Ted Andrews               Dr. Edward Bach

Schooling and certifications:

Chestnut school of herbal medicine
Deeksha blessing giver
Reiki (1,2,mastery/usui/kundalini/mahatma/sekhem)
Permaculture design


Purpose and mission



"The purpose for Of Land & Sea was so I could create a platform from which I could share all of the products of my craft.

My mission is to share items that are supercharged with Love. Items that will empower, bless, heal and enhance each and every one who touches them. Alchemical talismans, enchantments and potions.

I believe in the power of prayer, intention and using integrity when creating magical items to share. I truly hope it is felt and creates a tidal wave of Love."