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"What are flower essences and how can I use them?"

Hey! Happy Thursday!

Question of the day - "What are flower essences and how can I use them?"

I find that many people ask me the basic - how, what, why's on flower essences quite frequently. A lot of folks also tend to get them mixed up with essential oils. 
I'm going to help you gain clarity on this topic today! 

flow·er es·sence
plural noun: flower essences
1. a substance prepared from a flowering plant and used therapeutically for its alleged beneficial effects on mood, outlook, etc.

Here is a gorgeous explanation, that I absolutely love, by Asia Suler-
"Physically speaking, flower essences are the energetic imprint of flowers captured in pure spring water at the height of their bloom.

Once collected from the wilds or the garden, the flowers are infused by floating them in water underneath the sun’s rays. In this way, the water becomes the carrier of that particular flower’s energy. The infusion is then preserved with brandy and diluted into stock bottles to be taken as drops in a glass of water or directly onto the skin. 

Flower essences are predicated on the belief that we, as individuals, exist on many levels. We have spiritual selves, as well as physical identities, and communication between all our layers of being is vital to maintaining a happy, healthy, and above all, fulfilled life. Shamans are experts at traveling between these different levels, communicating and healing illness at the source. Within this framework it’s easy to see how our own intuition or sparks of desire are actually bits of guidance from our higher selves. These out-of-nowhere motivations are meant to direct us further along our life path or destiny. If you have ever had a crucial hunch that proved inexplicably correct, you will know the precious importance of trusting your inner knowledge. For one reason or another, however, we often block our own intuition. By ignoring what we might consider the dictates of our own souls, we create unhappiness, discordance, and imbalance within ourselves. Flower essences help to transform the negative thought patterns that hinder communication with our higher selves. By transforming these mental and emotional ruts, flower essences help to cleanse the “psycho-toxins” of negativity out of our spiritual metabolism, reestablishing our resonance with our inner voice. 

Flower essences work in a very subtle manner, so their effects might take some time— although those who are very sensitive can sometimes feel a more immediate shift. In my experience, using this medicine is a very lovely, comforting, and incredibly gentle experience. Over time, taking the right combination of essences, you will undoubtedly notice a marked difference in your mood, energy, and overall health. Flower essences can also bring about profound inner transformation. Much like experiencing a beautiful sunset, flower essences harmonize our spirits on a deep and often imperceptible level.
For this reason, a “feeling sense” is important to finding the right essence. If one essence in particular seems really appealing to you, then you probably should be taking it." -Asia Suler, herbalist teacher at Chestnut school of herbal medicine.

Masaru Emoto shows proof of the power of energetically enhanced water simply by the written word being placed near water in his book "Hidden messages in Water". It can either purify or poison the molecules(see for yourself- Powerful stuff! Spoken and written words truly are magick SPELLS.
Now, with flower essences imagine the auric field of a flower enhancing water! The water molecules change form and become carrier patterns. These enhancements(or enchantments) directly affect our own water molecules within our body according to his studies! Our own water molecules then become imprinted and this can have subtle or profound effects in our bodies and lives.  

As far as ways to use flower essences, I use them in my drinks(preferably water or tea), in my baths, in my water to mop with, my pool, anything really that involves water! I feel like I'm truly blessing the water when I add the essences. I'm passing on that loving vibration from the flowers that shared their auric energies. That to me is super special. 
Here's how Bach remedies suggests the uses(they also include the proper dosages):

Well, I hope this helped inform. Thanks for reading! 
May your evening be a blessing and filled with inspiration! 
Make sure and share this website with a friend! :D
There is SO many more amazing things to come! 

Love, Chloe


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